About The Book

Vanessa Paolillo

The road to awakening can be achieved if we believe in the road to awakening. This book is a miniature depiction of how one can reach it, described in this book in eleven easy steps. This book is a tool for parents to lead their children onto the right path.

Vanessa’s mission is to come out and speak to the children and their parents directly. Through her artistic flair and enlightened knowledge, she teaches the kids to love, how to be thankful, how to pray and meditate, stay healthy, use positive thoughts, be kind, use words wisely, be one with nature and animals, spread good vibes and then talk about the planets around us. All to lead our children to the final awakening.

Why Read It?

Little Guide to Awakening for children Plus Activities

Vanessa believes that knowledge is power, and so she has written a book to guide our children toward the ultimate awakening. Start reading’‘Little Guide To Awakening For Children Plus Activities’’ to start your journey to awakening.

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