About The Author

Vanessa D. Paolillo

Born in 1970 in Santurce, Puerto Rico, to a Puerto Rican mother and an Italian father, Vanessa grew up amongst free thinkers who allowed her to express doubts, ask questions, and search for answers on her own accord.

However, it was limited to what they could teach Vanessa due  to their own paradigms She greww up wondering what was out there because, at a young age, even before she was born,mVanessa’smotherr had a UFO sighting experience. She used to talk about it so often that sheI was born into knowing that we were not alone.

Later in life, Vanessa had her own sighting experience, which fueled her curiosity and desire to research and find answers          to her questionss. There was so much in life that the author questioned, and even though life took her off track, Vanessa’s curiosity always got the best of her. Once you go down that   rabbit hole, you will forever be awakened.

Knowledge is power. The author loves the journey she’s been on since being awakened, and wishes her parents had the tools to have awakened sooner themselves. Then, her amazing journey could have begun earlier.

Vanessa’s mission is to provide awakened parents with tools for  their children to begin their awakening journey now.