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Vanessa D. Paolillo

Born in 1970 in Santurce, Puerto Rico, to a Puerto Rican mother and an Italian father, Vanessa grew up amongst free thinkers who allowed her to express doubts, ask questions, and search for answers on her own accord.

However, it was limited to what they could teach Vanessa due  to their own paradigms She greww up wondering what was out there because, at a young age, even before she was born,mVanessa’smotherr had a UFO sighting experience. She used to talk about it so often that sheI was born into knowing that we were not alone.

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Little Guide to Awakening for children Plus Activities

Vanessa believes that knowledge is power, and so she has written a book to guide our children toward the ultimate awakening. Start reading’‘Little Guide To Awakening For Children Plus Activities’’ to start your journey to awakening.

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little Guide to Awakening for children Plus Activities